Website Maintenance Plans Defined:
Everything you want to know about CCbM’s Website Maintenance Plans in one place.

The following information will explain the differences between all CCbM’s Maintenance Plans and what is included in them. This document also explains the Cost Of The Plans including What Your Responsibilities Are As A Website Owner, and What CCbM is Not Responsible for. We’ve also added a short FAQ to the bottom of this page that will answer a few common questions.

Plan #1
Website Technical Maintenance Plan

Website Technical Maintenance Plans consist of many tasks which are all related to the Core Code and other codes used in your website. These tasks are an ongoing process each and every day, week, and month. The following is a list of items your webmaster provides every month in the back end administration area of your website. (see pricing below)

  • CMS Core Code updates: All websites are made up of a number of different types of language. Among those types are, HTML, HTML5, Java, PHP, Ajax, jQuery and more. These codes are updated on a regular basis and in most cases are updated daily and weekly by their respective originators. They are then passed along to many individuals including your webmaster who will implement them into your website bringing your website up to current standards and security for optimal safe performance. If these tasks are not completed in a timely manor, your website will fail to function properly and in some cases your website may disappear completely from the Internet until the updates have been completed. Without these updates, hackers continually try to exploit websites by finding vulnerabilities is old code. If they succeed your website will be at risk and end up containing malicious malware or even trojans and viruses that are passed on to your website visitors. The end result is, your hosting provider will shut down your website and it will have to be rebuilt.
  • Security Updating: Your website also contains additional security installed by your webmaster which is not supplied without a maintenance plan. The Security codes also must be updated every day, week or month depending on releases as well as monitored everyday. If your site does not include security, it’s just a matter of time before your website will be hacked or compromised in some way. The price for security alone is well worth the price of a Website Technical Maintenance Plan.
  • Plugin Updating: Many CMS websites contain Plugins. Plugins are applications added to a website which add many special features with the capability of enhancing a website in both performance as well as appearance.
  • Technical Support: In the event your website develops issues whether it be Client Side or Server Side, we provide technical support in order to restore your site to working order.
  • Third Party Major & Minor Software Updates: CMS Websites require third party software updating. If you have purchased one of our Maintenance Plans we will include this service.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We also optimize your website for search engines utilizing current techniques by the most popular search engines assuring your website receives proper recognition and placement in search engines.
  • Complete Website Backups: We back up your complete website on a weekly or bi-monthly basis depending on the weekly amount of changes or additions to your site. We do ask that you sign up for a free online storage account with your choice of companies. We do recommend “Drop Box” as well as “Google”. Drop Box gives you 2 GB of space at no charge which should be enough space for most websites. We believe Google offers a little larger free storage if needed. When your site is backed up, the backup files will be transferred and stored on your storage account. Without storage for your backups you could lose your site permanently if something goes wrong.
  • IMPORTANT! If the above Technical Maintenance is not performed every day, week, and month, your website will (not might or maybe) it will fall prey to thousands of hackers waiting for the opportunity to exploit your website.

Plan #2
Website Content Update Plan

Website Content Updating refers to the website visitors side of your website. In particular all the information you wish to keep your website visitors up to date on (the website content). The following is a list of Content you may wish to have your webmaster update for you. (see pricing below)

  • Text on all web pages of your choice.
  • Posting Documents to Your Website. (Word, Excel, PDF or others. Word and Excel Documents are converted to PDF format before they are posted to your website.)
  • Images (up to 30 per month and includes image optimization).
  • Limited web page redesign. (moving elements from one place to another, adding or eliminating elements)
  • May also include eCommerce Updating if you purchased an online store and included eCommerce updating services from CCbM. eCommerce updating is a completely separate plan and must be discussed, price set and set up individually. (Check your plan for eCommerce Updating Services inclusion)

Plan #3
Technical Maintenance & Website Content Update Plan?

This plan is a combination of both plans above (Plan #1 & #2) and is available at a discounted price of $599.00 Per Year. (see pricing below)

Plan #4NP
Non-Profit Organizations Only. Please contact us for pricing.

How Long Do These Plans Run?

  • All Plans run from January 1st to December 31st each year.
  • Invoices are sent via email around November 15th every year. (NOTE: We have had many requests to send out annual maintenance plan  invoices earlier than we have is the past (December) so clients may have more time to prepare.
  • Full Payment is due by January 15th every year.
  • If you no longer wish to continue your Maintenance Plan, simply reply to the email your December billing invoice was attached to and request your plan be canceled. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation within 24 to 72 hours, excluding Weekends and Holidays.

How much do these plans cost?

All prices are Guaranteed not to increase for the duration of your paid plan year. Prices quoted below are for the upcoming year beginning January 1, 2019 and are new customer prices. Existing clients will remain at their current price level.

Plan #1: 12 Month Website Technical Maintenance Plan $499/Year
$499.00 per year. That works out to about $42 per month, that’s $1.35 per day average. Plan must be paid annually in full by January 1st of each year.

Plan #2: 12 Month Website Content Update Plan $499/Year
$499.00 per year. That works out to about $42 per month, that’s $1.35 per 31 day average. Plan must be paid annually in full by January 1st of each year.

Plan #3: 12 Month Combination Technical Maintenance & Website Content Update Plan $599/Year
This is a combination of both plans above (#1 & #2) and is available at a cost of $599.00 per year. That works out to about $50.00 per month , that’s about $1.62 per 31 day average. Plan must be paid annually in full by January 1st of each year. (You read it right! Just $100 more than the price of one of our plans (#1 or #2) you get the best of both worlds. Plan One and Two for only $100 additional bucks)

Plan #4NP:
Non-Profit Organizations Only.
This plan is a combination of both Plan #1 & #2 and is designed for Non-Profit Organizations only. Please contact us for pricing.

Other Webmasters charge $1560.00 per year or more. That’s $130.00 or more per month averaging about $4.20 per 31 day month. For that price they only give you one hour per month of their services.

CCbM charges a fraction of that Per Year (not month) plus we don’t limit you to 1 hour per month of our service. We’ll give you as much time per month as you need within reason. Why? We care about our clients and wish them to be as successful and profitable as possible as well as save as much money as they can. Besides, the other webmasters out there charge you huge prices because they can. They know you don’t know how to do the work. Therefore, they think they have you over a barrel. CCbM services and pricing are subject to change due to the ever changing cost of technology and access fees (And we’ll still Guarantee you the lowest price on the World Wide Web). CCbM will update this web page as services and pricing change.

What are Website Owners Responsibilities?

As a Website Owner you have certain Responsibilities.
Those Responsibilities are as follows:

Website Content:
If you have purchased a Website Content Update Plan It is your responsibility to provide all website content. Text, Documents, Videos and Images you wish to be posted on your website in an effort to keep your website visitors informed and up to date. Documents may be sent in Word or PDF format. You may send images in .jpg, .gif or .png format. If you have not optimized your images for the web, we will do that for you before posting them on your website.

Proof Reading Copy (text) You Supply:
It is your responsibilities to Proof Read all copy (text, paragraphs including all documents) that you supply to the webmaster for posting. Spelling and Grammar are very important in regards to the information you supply. In case you are wondering why we don’t correct your text, spelling or grammar. We used to make corrections prior to posting supplied information. We had to stop that practice. Unbeknownst to us, some information was misspelled on purpose or for a specific reason. This is why you must make sure everything you supply to the webmaster for posting on your website is correct and presented how you want it to appear. We will only post exactly what you supply. If you need the text of a document on your website changed, you must make the change in your original master document, then send us the updated document for posting to your website.

Providing Logos/Images:
It is your responsibility to provide your logo if you have one that you wish posted to your website. If you do not have a Logo and want one, your webmaster may create a Logo for you upon request. (note: there may or may not be an extra charge for Logo creation) Contact us for additional information.

It is your responsibility to instruct or direct the webmaster as to what, Web Page, What Paragraph/Section of the web page you want your updates posted to on your website. Please be as detailed as possible. Following these 4 simple steps will make both our jobs much easier.

  1. Provide the “Name of the Web Page” that needs to be updated, i.e. “Home Page”, “Contact Page”, “News/Announcements”.
  2. Include the information (complete typed text) you wish to be posted.
  3. Proof read your complete text. We strictly post only what you send. We do not correct your Spelling or Grammar. If you are wondering why we do not make corrections, please read “Proof Reading Copy (text) You Supply:” above.
  4. Reference the Paragraph i.e. “1st Paragraph”, “2nd Paragraph” and so on that needs updating.

Check your Webmasters Work:
When the webmaster has completed the tasks you have submitted and you have received your “Notice of Updates Completed” email, you need to visit the website within 24 to 48 hours to make sure the task has indeed been completed correctly. If the task was not completed to your satisfaction and specification(s), you should let the webmaster know immediately with a detailed explanation of what needs to be done or re-done.

Website Content Submission:
Only One Person from your Organization or Business should contact the Webmaster with Content Updates and Information for your Website?

In the past we have allowed anyone who was approved by the website owner to contact the webmaster regarding Postings & Updates to the website. The problem arose that we were receiving conflicting information from two or more individuals regarding the same update/post. One would want it one way and the other would want it another way. It made the task of updating the website with client submitted information a difficult job. So, we made it simple. Website owners or Board of Directors who govern a website must pick one person to work with the webmaster. This eliminates the conflicting problem.

As a Suggestion:
If you are an Organization that has a Board of Directors that govern a website and work with a webmaster, you might want to consider electing a Board Member to be the “Website Editor“. Anything you want posted to your website should be communicated to the webmaster through your elected “Website Editor“. Website Editors are the middle men so to speak, and the title sounds pretty important too.

You Should Check Your Website Regularly:
You should visually check your website at least once per week (once per day is recommended). Why? Though I am looking at and working on your website daily and weekly, you should also look at your website to make sure it is showing on the Internet and working properly. It’s a much better plan to have two pair of eyes checking your website rather than one. If you never check your website, how will you ever know when things might go wrong or, that your webmaster has completed the work you have requested.

What CCbM is Not Responsible For:

  • Power Outages: (this is the responsibility of your power provider)
  • Phone Outages & Other Issues Related to your Phone: (Cell, Landline, Voip or other) (this is the responsibility of your phone provider)
  • Hosting Server or Hosting Server Down Time of any kind: (this is the responsibility of your hosting provider)
  • Hosting Server Glitches of any kind: (this is the responsibility of your hosting provider)
  • Hosting Plan Renewals: (this is the clients responsibility)
  • Domain Name Renewals: (this is the clients responsibility)
  • Personal Computers, Laptops, Printers, Software or Applications: (this is the clients responsibility)
  • Complete Website Backups: (it is the clients responsibility to provide storage for all backups) If you do not have storage backup space set up at a place other than your hosting server such as Drop Box or Google Storage for your backups, we may not be able to restore your website if something goes wrong on your hosting server.
  • CCbM is not responsible for restoring your website if you do not have a complete website backup saved in your backup storage account.
  • Online Storage: It is the clients responsibility to sign up and maintain a storage account. DropBox offers a 2GB free storage plan. You will need to send your webmaster the details of your storage account so he can set up the off site transfer of website backups. Also Google offers an even larger amount 15GB of free storage.
  • Additional Online Storage Fees: If you go over your limit for free storage, CCbM is not responsible for the additional charges that may apply. (NOTE: When the backups are sent and stored on your free account they do not accumulate. One or two back ups are stored in the beginning and all new backups overwrite the old backups. So remember, if you store other additional items on your free storage account, your additional items will count towards your free storage limits.) Something else to consider is, backups grow over time. What was only 0.5GB last month, could be 0.6GB the next month and so on. Reason? Although code updates don’t amount to much they do add up over time. Also if you add additional images and documents to your site, those add to the total too.

Though we are not responsible for the above items, we will help your hosting provider and you with trouble shooting above issues in an effort to get your site back up and running providing you have purchased a Maintenance Plan from CCbM. No Plan, No Help.

Maintenance Plan FAQ:

Q. Can I Purchase a Shorter Duration Maintenance Plan?

  • No.
    All short duration Maintenance Plans (less than 12 months) have been discontinued. They are simply not cost effective for the consumer. We will consider Pro-Rating Plan #1, Plan #2 or Plan #3 on a One Time Only basis. Pro-Rated plans do cost more. Contact us for additional information.

Q. Can I purchase a longer duration Maintenance Plan?

  • No.
    We have discontinued all long term Maintenance Plans in excess of 12 months.

Q. Why doesn’t CCbM offer Month to Month Plans?

  • Reason: as people purchase one of our plans we schedule time on the calendar for their website work for the year. We sell these plans until all time on the calendar has been allocated. When all time has been allocated, we do not take on any new plans until one drops out of service, or we consider adding/hiring a new web tech to take on the extra work if needed. Bottom line, it is not cost effective to add or hire additional techs for month to month or shorter duration’s.
  • We will do work for the occasional drop in client who needs something done quickly if time permits. The cost is $100 per hour with a One Hour minimum charge for a Maximum One Hour of work. The work will usually be done within a 24 hour period (weekends and holidays excluded). The timing would depending on the size and scope of your project.

Q. Does CCbM offer a Payment Plan?

  • Possibly. If you need to pay for services via an installment plan, please contact us and let’s talk.

Q. When are Renewal Invoices sent?

  • Renewal invoices are sent every year starting December 1st. If you have not received your renewal invoice by December 15th, please contact us.

Q. Why didn’t my Website Hosting Plan or my Domain Name automatically renew on its anniversary date?

  • The most common reason for this is, your credit card has expired. You need to login to your Hosting Account or Domain Name Account and update your new credit card information, expiration date and CVV number. If you’re not sure how to do this, call your provider and give them your new information.

Q. Can the Maintenance Plan price go up during my paid plan duration?

  • No.
    Once you have paid in full for your Plan, your price is guaranteed for the duration of your plan and will not increase. (It is possible there may be a price increase upon your renewal date.)

Q. How often does the price go up on Maintenance Plans?

  • For those of you who have been with CCbM for a while know, the cost of our plans very rarely goes up. It is possible that larger increases passed on to us for access fees and by our providers unfortunately cannot be over looked and must be passed on. We do promise you will get the lowest price we can possibly offer. You will always have the option not to renew your plan when renewal time comes. Simply respond to your December billing invoice and request that your plan be discontinued.

Q. Does CCbM negotiate on Maintenance Plan Pricing?

  • Yes.
    As of 2018 we will consider negotiating all “New Client Only” Maintenance Plan prices. If you feel the cost is out of your range. Simply contact us and let’s talk. (Negotiated prices must still be paid in full by January 1st.) (Existing clients who wish a reduction in their Maintenance plan price, must apply for a price reduction by or before December 1st for the following year. Though there is no guarantee of lowering your plan price, please contact us and let us know your situation)

Q. Can I get a Refund if I don’t use all the months allocated for my Maintenance plan?

  • Unfortunately No:
    • Reason: when you purchase one of our plans we schedule time on the calendar for your website for the full year and it is written in stone. We sell these plans until all time on the calendar has been allocated. When all time has been allocated, we cannot expect to resell your unused time. We do however understand hardship situations. Contact us and lets talk. (NOTE: If you are granted a Hardship refund, Hardship refunds are not paid until February 15th of the following year of your paid plan.) This may be an inconvenience not receiving your hardship refund until the following February, but, we have bills to pay too.

Q. Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Payment Plan?

  • Possibly. If you cancel your payment plan before final payment is made, we will refund what ever money is left after we calculate and deduct our expenses we have spent on your project. Your refund after our expenses will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee.
  • Example: Your refund after our expenses totals $100. You pay 20% which is $20 of that $100 dollars for the cancellation fee. Your refund would be $80. Cancellation Fees may be waived in case of Hardship. Contact us and lets talk.

Q. Why doesn’t CCbM’s website appearance represent the quality it obviously puts into their clients websites.

  • If we had the time to do so, it would be done. We would rather put those efforts into our paying clients websites. (We do understand when clients are looking for a web designer the first thing they see is the webmasters website and most will judge them on their website looks. We hope people will not judge us on our website appearance, but rather our clients websites and client reviews. To view our clients websites and to speak with them directly regarding our services, please contact us.)

Q. Why doesn’t CCbM post Client Website Reviews on their website?

  • Good question. Most people do not put much faith in reviews posted on a website. As you probably already know, many of the reviews you read online are fabricated by the owners or webmasters or even friends of theirs. We choose to put you in touch with clients of CCbM so you get a true review straight from the horses mouth so-to-speak. Don’t believe us, believe our clients.

Q. Does CCbM Still Offer Free Help?

  • In the past there were a number of people we helped at no cost for one reason or another. As of January 1, 2018 all Free Help has been discontinued with the exception of a few clients. Reason: Unfortunately too many people took advantage of our generosity. (The No Free Help does not apply to our current list of Paid Clients who receive extra services at no charge and Essential Non-Profit Clients) (You know who you are and we will continue to take care of you)

Q. Who do you recommend for Website Hosting?

  • A. We recommend Site Ground or Just Host for website hosting. Especially if you’re using WordPress CMS.