Website Maintenance Plans Defined

Your Maintenance Plan is actually made up of 2 Modules. Below is a list of what is included in each module.

Module #1 “Website Technical Maintenance”

  • CMS Core Code Updates
  • Security Updating
  • Plugin Updating
  • Technical Support
  • Third Party Major & Minor Software Updates
  • Search Engine Optimization

Module #2 “Website Content Updating”

  • Text Updating & Replacement
  • Document Posting & Updating
  • Image Posting Updating & Replacement
  • Limited Web Page Redesign/Restructure
  • Website Backups & Restoration (* Restrictions Apply – Website Backups & Restoration are included with restrictions. Please read “Website Backups & Restoration” under Module #2 below for details.)

The cost of each module is $350.00/Year. Get a huge discount purchase both modules for $450.00/Year. That’s only $37.50 per month paid annually.

The information below will give you a broader View/Understanding of items in both modules.

Module #1 Website Technical Maintenance
Cost: $350.00/Year.
What is Technical Maintenance?

Website Technical Maintenance consist of many tasks which are all related to the Core Code and other codes used in your website. These tasks are an ongoing process each and every day, week, and month. The following is a list of items your webmaster provides every month in the back end administration area of your website. The following items are included in your Maintenance Plan Module #1. Along with your requests for website content updates, your Webmaster is working daily, weekly and monthly to keep your website running. The items below are Technical Maintenance which must be performed each and every day.

  • CMS Core Code updates: All websites are made up of a number of different types of language. Among those types are, HTML, HTML5, Java, PHP, Ajax, jQuery and more. These codes are updated on a regular basis and in most cases are updated daily and weekly by their respective originators. They are then passed along to many individuals including your webmaster who will implement them into your website bringing your website up to current standards and security for optimal safe performance. In most cases this is a simple process of clicking a single button/link to update the code. But, what if there is something wrong with the updated code and your website breaks? Even professional programmers aren’t perfect. Will you know what to do? If these tasks are not completed in a timely manor, your website will fail to function properly and in some cases your website may disappear completely from the Internet until the updates or repairs have been completed. Without these updates, hackers continually try to exploit websites by finding vulnerabilities in the code. If they succeed, your website will be at risk and end up containing malicious malware or even trojans and viruses that are passed on to your website visitors. The end result is, your hosting provider will shut down your website and it will have to be restored (if you have a backup of your website) or rebuilt from scratch.
  • Security Updating: Your website also contains additional security installed by your webmaster which is not supplied without a maintenance plan. The Security codes must also be updated every day, week or month depending on releases as well as monitored daily. If your site does not include security, it’s just a matter of time before your website will be hacked or compromised in some way. The price for security alone is well worth the price of a Website Technical Maintenance Plan.
  • Plugin Updating: Many CMS websites contain Plugins. Plugins are applications added to a website which add many special features with the capability of enhancing a website in both performance as well as appearance.
  • Technical Support: In the event your website develops issues with the theme or plugins or third party software your site uses, we provide technical support in order to restore your site to working order.
  • Third Party Major & Minor Software Updates: CMS Websites in some cases require third party software updating. If you have purchased one of our Maintenance Plans we will include this service.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We also optimize your website for search engines utilizing current techniques by the most popular search engines assuring your website receives proper recognition.
  • IMPORTANT! If the above Technical Maintenance is not performed every day, week, and month, your website will (not might or maybe) it will fail and fall prey to thousands of hackers waiting for the opportunity to exploit your website and your website visitors.

Module #2 Website Content Updating
Cost: $350.00/Year
What is Website Content Updating?

Website Content Updating refers to the website visitors side of your website. In particular all the information you wish to keep your website visitors up to date on (the website content). The following is a list of Content you may wish to have your webmaster update for you and is included in your Maintenance Plan.

  • Text Updating on all web pages of your choice.
  • Posting Documents to Your Website. (Word, Excel, PDF and others.)
  • Image optimizing, placement and image updating.
  • Limited web page redesign/restructure.
  • * Website Backups and Restoration. (Restrictions Apply Read Below)

* Website Backups & Restoration:

Website Restoration is needed in the event your site is damaged beyond repair and needs to be restored to its original state prior to the damage. A complete backup of your site is needed to restore your site. It is your responsibility to provide CCbM with your backup storage site information.

If this service is not provided by your hosting provider, we do ask that you sign up for a free online storage account with your choice of companies. We do recommend “Drop Box” as well as “Google”. Drop Box gives you 2GB of space at no charge which should be enough space for most websites. You should use Google’s free storage which offers a larger free storage about 15GB. When your site is backed up, the backup files will be transferred and stored on your storage account. Without storage for your backups you could lose your site permanently if something goes wrong and it may need to be rebuilt from scratch which is not covered in any maintenance plan. Please provide CCbM your login info for your backup storage site.

How Long Does Your Plan Run? IMPORTANT PLEASE READ

  • Maintenance Plans run from January 1st to December 31st each year.
  • Notifications are sent via email between November 15th and December 15th every year. Please make sure we have your current valid email address on file.
  • If you wish to continue your plan Full Payment is due by January 1st every year.
  • You have two (2) ways to pay for your plan: Option 1: Pay by Check. Option 2: Pay by Credit/Debit Card. See your Maintenance Plan invoice for Details.
  • If you no longer wish to continue your Maintenance Plan, simply reply to the email address your renewal notice was sent to and request your plan be canceled. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation within 24 to 72 hours, excluding Weekends and Holidays.

What are Website Owners Responsibilities?

As a Website Owner you have certain Responsibilities.
Those Responsibilities are as follows:

Website Content:
If you have purchased a Website Content Update Plan It is your responsibility to provide all website content. Text, Documents, Videos and Images you wish to be posted on your website in an effort to keep your website visitors informed and up to date. Documents may be sent in Word or PDF format. You may send images in .jpg, .gif or .png format. If you have not optimized your images for the web, we will do that for you before posting them on your website.

Proof Reading Copy (text) You Supply:
It is your responsibility to Proof Read all copy (text, paragraphs including all documents) that you supply to the webmaster for posting. We do not correct Spelling, Grammar or Typo’s. In case you are wondering why we don’t correct your text, spelling or grammar. We use to make corrections to Spelling, Grammar and Typo’s prior to posting supplied information. We had to stop that practice. Unbeknownst to us, some information was misspelled on purpose for a specific reason. This is why you must make sure everything you supply to the webmaster for posting on your website is correct and presented how you want it to appear. We will only post exactly what you supply. If you need the text of a PDF document on your website changed, you must make the change in your original master PDF document, then send us the updated document for posting/updating your website.

Logos, Images & Photographs:
It is your responsibility to provide your logos, Images and Photographs wish posted to your website. If you do not have a Logo and want one, your webmaster may create a Logo for you upon request. (note: there may or may not be an extra charge for Logo creation and depends on the scope of the project) Contact us for additional information.

It is your responsibility to instruct or direct the webmaster as to what, Web Page, What Paragraph/Section of the web page you want your updates posted to on your website. Please be as detailed as possible. Following these 5 simple steps will make both our jobs much easier.

  1. Provide the “Name of the Web Page” that needs to be updated, i.e. “Home Page”, “Contact Page”, “News/Announcements” or Product name.
  2. Include the information (complete typed text, images or documents) you wish to be posted.
  3. Proof read your complete text. We strictly post only what you send. We do not correct your Spelling or Grammar. If you are wondering why we do not make corrections, please read “Proof Reading Copy (text) You Supply:” above.
  4. Reference the web page Title and Paragraph i.e. “1st Paragraph”, “2nd Paragraph” or Image and so on that needs updating.
  5. Please do not send scanned images of text you wish posted to your site. Please type out your complete text and send it in your choice of  format’s, Word doc or Note Pad.
  6. If you have PDF documents to post to your website, feel free to send them attached to an email with your instructions for posting.

Check your Webmasters Work:
When the webmaster has completed the tasks/updates you have submitted and you have received your “Notice of Updates Completed” email, you need to visit the website within 24 to 48 hours to make sure the task has indeed been completed correctly. If the task was not completed to your satisfaction and specification(s), you should let the webmaster know immediately with a detailed explanation of what needs to be done.

Website Content Submission:
Only One Person from your Organization or Business should contact the Webmaster with Content Updates and Information for your Website?

In the past we have allowed anyone who was approved by the website owner to contact the webmaster regarding Postings & Updates to the website. The problem arose that we were receiving conflicting information from two or more individuals regarding the same update/post. One would want it one way and the other would want it another way. It made the task of updating the website with client submitted information a difficult job. So, we made it simple. Website owners or Board of Directors who govern a website must pick one person to work with the webmaster. This eliminates the conflicting problem.

As a Suggestion:
If you are an Organization that has a Board of Directors that govern a website and work with a webmaster, you might want to consider electing a Board Member to be the “Website Editor“. Anything you want posted to your website should be communicated to the webmaster through your elected “Website Editor“. Website Editors are the middle men so to speak, and the title sounds pretty important too.

You Should Check Your Website Regularly:
You should visually check your website at least once per week (once per day is recommended). Why? Though we are  looking at and working on your website daily and weekly, you should also look at your website to make sure it is showing on the Internet and working properly. It’s a much better plan to have two pair of eyes checking your website rather than one. If you never check your website, how will you ever know when things might go wrong or, that your webmaster has completed the work you have requested and are paying for.

Please do not post our Email Address on your website. IMPORTANT!

The amount of spam we receive from you posting our email address on your website increases the amount of spam we receive x 100. We do not share or post your email addresses, so, please do not share/post ours, Thank You.

What CCbM is Not Responsible For:

  • Power Outages: (this is the responsibility of your power provider)
  • Phone Outages & Other Issues Related to your Phone: (Cell, Landline, Voip or other) (this is the responsibility of your phone provider)
  • Hosting Server or Hosting Server Down Time of any kind: (this is the responsibility of your hosting provider)
  • Hosting Server Glitches of any kind: (this is the responsibility of your hosting provider)
  • All Server Side Issues out of our control: (this is the responsibility of your hosting provider)
  • Hosting Plan Renewals: (this is the clients responsibility)
  • Domain Name Renewals: (this is the clients responsibility)
  • Personal Computers, Laptops, Printers, Software or Applications: (this is the clients responsibility)
  • CCbM is not responsible for restoring your website if you do not have a complete website backup saved in your backup storage account.
  • Online Storage: It is the clients responsibility to sign up and maintain a storage account. DropBox offers a free storage plan. You will need to send your webmaster the details of your storage account so he can set up the off site transfer of website backups. Also Google offers an even larger amount of free storage.
  • Complete Website Backups & Additional Online Storage Fees:
    (this is the clients responsibility to provide storage for all backups). Please read the following. CCbM does not keep a complete backup of your website. You will need to sign up for one of many free storage sites to store your website backups on and provide CCbM with the login info for the storage site so we can set up the backup service. If you go over your limit for your free storage, CCbM is not responsible for the additional charges that may apply. (NOTE: When the backups are sent and stored to your free account they do not accumulate. One or two back ups are stored in the beginning. All new backups overwrite the prior backups. So remember, if you store other additional items on your free storage account, your additional items will count towards your free storage limits.) Something else to consider is, backups grow over time. What was only 0.5GB last month, could be 0.9GB the next month and so on. Reason? Although code updates don’t amount to much they do add up over time. Also if you add additional images and documents to your storage site, those add to the total as well.

Though we are not responsible for the above items, we will help your hosting provider and you with trouble shooting above issues as much as we can in an effort to get your site back up and running providing you have purchased a Maintenance Plan from CCbM. No Plan, No Help.

Maintenance Plan FAQ:

Q. When are the Maintenance Plan Renewal Notices sent?

  • Renewal notices are sent every year between November 15th and December 15th and must be paid in full by January 1st. If you have not received your renewal notice by December 15th, please contact us.

Q. Why didn’t my Website Hosting Plan or my Domain Name automatically renew on its anniversary date?

  • The most common reason for this is, your credit card has expired. You need to login to your Hosting Account or Domain Name Account and update your new credit card information, expiration date and security number. If you’re not sure how to do this, call your provider and give them your new information, in most cases they will happily change the info for you.

Q. Do I Really Need A Maintenance Plan?

  • YES and NO:
    Ultimately the choice is yours. It is true you can simply create your website and basically let it run with no attention, but, if you don’t keep all code updates up to date as they are released your website can and will fall prey to malicious attacks by some pretty bad people who are looking every day to exploit websites that are not kept up to date. You can perform your own technical updating if you have some time and knowledge regarding your CMS (Content Management System). A HUGE benefit of having a Maintenance Plan is CCbM is an expert when it comes to WordPress and other CMS Systems.

Q. Can the Maintenance Plan price go up during my paid plan duration?

  • No.
    Once you have paid in full for your Plan, your price is guaranteed for the duration of your plan and will not increase. It is possible there may be a price increase the following year on your renewal date depending on our current access fees at the time of renewal.

Q. Can I get a Refund if I don’t use all the months allocated for my Maintenance plan?

  • Unfortunately No:
    • Reason: when you purchase one of our plans we schedule time on the calendar for your website for the full year and it is written in stone. We sell these plans until all time on the calendar has been allocated. When all time has been allocated, we cannot expect to resell your unused time. We do however understand hardship situations. Contact us and lets talk. (NOTE: If you are granted a Hardship refund, Hardship refunds are not paid until February 15th of the following year of your paid plan.) This may be an inconvenience not receiving your hardship refund until the following February, but, we have bills to pay too.