CCbM Web Design & Development

CCbM has been around since the early 80’s. We’ve not only grown with the Internet before it was known as the World Wide Web, we helped create many of the sites you may have seen way back then. There has been many changes in the way websites are built. Each change was a new experience and a new beginning. Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get your website online? Click here for website pricing.


Our client list has also grown since the 80’s. We have gone from a small fish in the proverbial pond to a design and development specialist in a sea full of sharks. Those of you who can relate know what we are talking about. Its a crazy world out there and web designers are a dime a dozen. We’ve seen dozens come and go, but we somehow stayed the course and found our way through the fog. Anyway, we’re here and that’s all that counts. We’ll promise you the world and deliver it on your silver screen at a price you can afford.

“CCbM Offers All Clients Excellent Service, Quality Design & The Lowest Prices”

Website Design & Development

It all starts with our Quality Service & Support. From your first contact (Email or Phone Call) we hold your vision in the highest regard. Rest assured your getting the Biggest and the Best Bang for your Dollar.

CMS (Content Management System)

With a big demand for taking care of their own websites, Clients today want a quality CMS system that’s easy to learn and easy to operate. We offer just that. With a variety of CMS Systems out there, were sure you’ll have no problems administering your website.

Maintenance & Update Plans

CCbM offers Two (2) Update and Maintenance Plans. A 12 month Plan and a 6 month plan. We also offer a Pay-As-You-Go plan for those who need help once in a while. The 12 month plan is the best deal and covers everything you need to keep your site trouble free and running smooth all year long.


We go the extra mile to make sure your site is well placed in the search engines. Web pages in your site are embedded with keywords relating to the information on that page. This is a very important part if not the most important part of the process that assures good placement in the search engines. We also make sure your site is accessible to everyone including screen readers for the visually impaired.

Custom Graphics

CCbM also offers Custom Graphic work specially designed for your website. From color matching graphics to an eye catching header. We make sure your site gets the attention it deserves. We also offer Business Cards, Brochures and Letterheads to match your website.


If its eCommerce your looking for, CCbM offers a variety of Shopping Carts that handle everything from a simple Catalog to a full blown Shopping Center. We install, setup and configure your Cart as well as load it with your inventory for one low price. We also teach you how to continue adding new product to your online inventory.

Cross Browser Compatible

All websites designed by CCbM are Cross Browser Compatible. Our designs will work in the latest release of the 5 Major Browsers in use today. Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Guaranteed! You site will be Responsive to accommodate all Smartphones & Tablets making sure your information is always available to everyone.

User Friendly

Every website we create is user friendly. From a one page site to a multi page website including full blown shopping centers. Ease of use by website visitors is the front runner in the development of your site.

Design, Development & Service

Our Design, Development and Support Services are the best you’ve ever encountered hands down. We work for our clients 24/7 including Weekends and Holidays. Just ask our clients and see for yourself. Never worry that your site has issues, we keep the ball rolling 23/7/365.

CCbM 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll build your Website with no down payment or any money up front. If you’re not Happy and Satisfied when we’re finished, You Walk Away and Pay Us Nothing, Nada, Not One Thin Dime. GUARANTEED! ( In the event you walk away “which is not likely”, CCbM retains all rights to all design, code, graphics and layouts created for you.)

Put our Guarantee and Services to the Test

Find another Website Design & Development company and ask them to give you a Free Quote for a 6 to 10 page website. Be as descriptive as you can regarding what you want on your website. Remember things you need like CMS, 24/7 Support, Cross Browser Compatible,  User Friendly including Screen Readers, Custom Graphic Art, Search Engine Optimization and a Maintenance and Update Plan and don’t forget to ask for a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Then sit back and wait for their quote. We’re betting your eyes will bug out when you see the quote.

Next, we ask you to do the same with us. Contact us for a Free Quote. Be specific regarding what you want on your website. Don’t tell us what your quote was from the other company. Then, sit back and wait for the quote from us. We’re betting your eyes will bug out when you see our quote too. The difference will be, our quote should be the lowest quote you’ll find anywhere.